'Terra Nova' review: Little new ground covered in otherwise exciting family drama

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Fox is urging the release of "Terra Nova" For the better part of the last two years. Announced in May 2010, before a frame was shot, has the pedigree (producer Steven Spielberg) and make a perfect storm of hype and disappointment for the show.

But the "Terra Nova" is a surprisingly good job promises TV destination.

After a group of expatriates time travelers to the first episode of the family of Shannon in a dystopian Earth polluted in 2149 to a colony of pilgrims hoping to get it right in the picturesque, ancient past.

Experiences are associated with any results relocation family is a power struggle with the colonial rulers possibly harmful attacks from separatists, the ever-present threat of dinosaurs.

Yes, "Terra Nova" is a great thing about these computer-animated dinosaurs. That's why the first season, abbreviated took so long to get into the atmosphere - and that it comes with a heavy price. But this is not the biggest jerk in the series.

And 'well-cast Shannon family, which makes the "Terra Nova" is actually worth. Jason O'Mara ("Life on Mars") offers a worthy, fun to bring Jim, who added an obstacle for three years of estrangement from his family, when you step back in time. Shelley Conn plays British actress Elizabeth his wife, whose exceptional intelligence Shannons to earn a golden ticket in their new country, in the first place.

Their children - Josh (Landon Liboiron), Maddy (Naomi Scott), Zoe (Alana Mansour) - all manage the movement with their own brand of rebellion, but it is not easy to keep a grudge when its physically impossible to ever return your old house.

The real drama comes from outside the family, especially in the form of Commander Nathaniel Taylor, Stephen Lang canal is a psychotic small external version of the colonel, he played in "Avatar". Taylor is not a bad subtle but "Terra Nova" is not a subtle show. (Dinosaurs, remember?)

"Terra Nova" amazing special effects to achieve varying degrees, depending largely on the size and quality of television you happen to see it on. However, eye candy, either on television or film, it's easy to find these days.

Dinosaurs are not "Terra Nova" a disservice, but will ask what type of hearing in the series should have to remain viable for FOX. Reaches a price of $ 20 million for the driver alone (statistics through AOL) is one of the largest in Paris in the history of television.

It is also something we have not seen before. As a budget "Land of the Lost", with great soldiers, rather than Sleestaks, "Terra Nova" is another vehicle to a familiar story. He is the one we are happy to see, just maybe not with the hopes FOX fervor.


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