Doritos Creator Dies Gets Tastiest Funeral EVER!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The God who invented Doritos SNACK died ... However, TMZ has learned in his funeral ceremony is on average nachos ... Because the boy will be buried with three flavors of its popular invention.

Arc West - the 97-year former Frito-Lay legend - who died last week, his daughter announced her intention of the family to "throw the Doritos chips before putting the dirt on the box" when it is buried.

TMZ spoke with the son of West ... which tells us that the family will use the original, the Cool Ranch Doritos Nacho flavor and because it was popular in the West. He was not a fan of cheese flavor, so it will not be used.

According to his daughter, came West with the idea of ​​Doritos during a family vacation in San Diego ... when he discovered a snack shack sells tortilla chips fried in 1961.

Snack in the sky, Arch.


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