Chris Christie axes Jersey Shore tax credit

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) - Snooki Hey, you are not welcome in Jersey Shore.

The governor of New Jersey Chris Christie cut $ 420 000 in tax credits Monday that would have gone to 495 Productions, which is responsible for bringing escapades of "Pauly D" and "The Situation" to the masses via MTV.

Christie has two concerns: it takes care of the tax credit program, and he did not really like it, explains how the state Jersey Shore.

And what does "Snookie subsidies." No more

"I am committed to ensuring that taxpayers are footing a bill for $ 420 000 a project that only perpetuates misconceptions about the state and its citizens," said Christie in a statement.

That's not all. The governor also what his office called "long-term, serious concerns" about the value of the entire film program in New Jersey Transfer Tax Credits, a $ 10 million effort designed to bring more film and television production to State.

The letter was sent to New Jersey Economic Development Authority, Christie said he has "no interest in policing the content of these projects," and that the state must ensure that "our limited tax dollars used for programs and projects that best benefit the state. "

Christie Offices, said the tax credits that include the production in 2009, when the show was based in New Jersey. The show - one of the biggest hits on MTV - they went to Italy for their latest season.


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