Sean Avery Waiver Misconceptions

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

He noticed that there is a common misconception about the exempt status of Sean Avery floating around the Internet among others. The first misconception is that Avery can not be degraded by the fact that they said the return of the exceptions. This is incorrect. The second misconception is that Avery can be broken, but if it is claimed, then their salary cap is divided into three among the stars, the Rangers and the team claim. This is also incorrect.

So, what is real and what feeds the Internet?

Do not be afraid, jacket man is customary here to set you all straight ...

Avery was back on waivers by Dallas and was later claimed by the Rangers. Stars and Rangers to split their salary / cap hit for the remainder of the contract. You probably know that.

Now if the Rangers Avery put on a regular waivers and claim third team, then Team 3 assumed responsibility for the Rangers. Stars and Team 3 is now divided into salary cap hit Avery.

If Avery did not ask for nor clears waivers, but then the Rangers to remember, and lower in the second group of claims on its way back up team of three to share the costs with the Rangers. Dallas is now out of trouble.

Sean Avery can be effectively demoted and his salary / cap hit can not be divided in two ways. Got it? Good.

Now, the probability that this occurs is negligible, but at least you know all the possibilities.


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