GOOGLE BIRTHDAY: Doodle celebrates company’s 13th anniversary

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

If we knew his birthday was on the rise, Google, which would have made a cake (well, after Google for the recipe).

Fortunately for all of us, you will be reliably carried out by themselves.

On Tuesday, Google is celebrating its 13th anniversary with a simple and elegant main page "Doodle" a welcoming image of a colorful logo scrapbooked surrounded by an uber-traditional part of the cake, gifts and balloons. A landmark worthy of Hallmark. The literal "Google Image."

Google, in other words, just hit his teenage years.

It seemed like it was yesterday, Google, walking to the attention of millions of master new words a day, always looking for fresh products (page) views. Our small fraction of a second package of curiosity and the level of detail aerodynamic. (Now we just hope that you can avoid awkward stage villains -. Especially young cousin that Facebook is trying to play with some of his posts)

Can you really 13 years since you, a monster of a Bay Area company, was formed by the "Google guys" - Stanford, Larry Page and Sergey Brin - and dropped on a world wide grope?

Thank you to dial-up a distant memory, they grow up so fast.

Uncle Andy (Bechtolsheim) is so proud. Not only good in his head, now you are also a verb and the gerund.

Ah, the memories of the Googleplex have done enough to fill the entire album on Flickr - first, of course, if we linked to a Google Account.

Today is the day to remember. Why, you remember the birth of your stage PageRank, Google? We could literally mark the growth.

And remember, when - as the opening of his first lemonade stand - have started selling ads linked to certain keywords? (More money, eh? Let's see our portfolio of Google.)

Soon, the adventurer who were not warned, his world view began to expand - thanks to Google Maps and Google Earth, and of course, YouTube, owned by Google.

As we prosper, we were pretty unstoppable ball of energy in Google. And now that you have captured about 90 percent of the global Internet search

But then, never about the destination, right? The thrill is in the journey - from research.

Congratulations, Google, and happy 13th. We can only hope that when you get even bigger, maybe even go a step further, you can always write.

If not Google +, then we hope at least by Gmail.

And when you write, please remember to include a Doodle.

Frankly, we can not get enough.


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