Doritos Creator Arch West Takes His Cheesy Legacy to the Grave

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Orange-stained fingers closed around the world in mourning last week, when the man credited with creating the legendary marketing Doritos died. But the heart snack fans, Arco West takes its infusion of powdered cheese tortilla chips with him on his eternal journey.

That's right, West is buried in the Doritos.

A marketing manager at the Mad Men days, the Arc of the West took a chance on a strange little smart, he discovers that in a small cottage near San Diego, California. The President went to the Frito Co. vice (before it merged with HW Lay & Co. to form Frito-Lay) had problems with the idea of ​​mass marketing of tortilla in the past of his superiors, so that y took money from his budget and did a little research and development in secret. Doritos has launched in 1964.

The result was a multi-million dollars for Frito-Lay snacks and one of the most recognized in the world, with 23 flavors available today in the U.S. only. Doritos are almost synonymous with snacks, often linked with Mountain Dew as food and beverage pairing favorite geek culture.

Arco West will be buried Saturday, October 1 at Restland Memorial Park in Dallas, Texas. His urn is placed in a hole, and the taste is happening.

"We have laid the Doritos chips before putting the dirt on the box," said his daughter, Jana Allen Hacker. "He will love it."

Rest in pieces flavored tortilla chips, Mr. West.


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