Five Iron Frenzy

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Five Material Chaos (also known as Five Material or FIF) was a Spiritual ska class founded in Co, Co in 1995 and disbanded in 2003.

The group's audio was most extremely encouraged by ska and punk rock stone diamond, but their impacts also contain metal. The class was approved to 5 Tiny Go in 1996, and kept with the model for nine of its let us out. Two other selections were self-released, and another was launched through Far eastern Man Details.

five iron frenzy
 five iron frenzy
 five iron frenzy

The class never acquired any major audio enterprise awards, and acquired relatively little desire in well-known press. Their biggest national awareness came when their track, "Oh, Canada" (which suggested Costs Shatner), came out on the TV line Birkenstock birkenstock boston Appropriate (in which Shatner stars) in September 2005, almost two years after their last present. Over the course of their job they provided close to one thousands of designs in finish.

They were known for their beneficial thoughts and passionate activities. They often accomplished their activities while using full clothes (mostly artisan Reese Roper); on one holiday the finish class used Star Vacation clothes. The class was known for their designed visits, sometimes using them to improve desire for community causes. On more than one holiday they informed fans to have sock puppets on degree and help accomplish along. The shoes, and fresh-bought shoes as well, were then provided to a community unsettled property. Their fan platform was different, such as the culturally and continually outsider to the mothers and fathers of fresh fans. The class accomplished explains at both church buildings and high-end locations throughout their job. The group's name commenced as an within story, and the class was usually known for their humor, thought to be throughout their selections and on degree.
 five iron frenzy
  five iron frenzy
 five iron frenzy

Recurring lyrical variations included the having on injustices done to Own Individuals, the evils of consumerism, Spiritual hypocrisy, the negatives of the class, and the joy of obtaining repair in their Spiritual confidence.


Five Material Chaos commenced as a side-project of Reese Roper, Keith Hoerig, Micah Ortega, and Scott Kerr's class Exhumator. Exhumator had an enterprise thrash metal audio, but its persons weren't into the style. Their only significantly presented track was "Spam Jam", on the system Natural Manna (Fifty280 Records). Starting in May, 1995, the class commenced such as persons, and they carried out on a ska audio in May with the inclusion of Kaira Dunham. The class, without Micah, Symbol, and Dennis, accomplished on an unexpected degree set up at a skate boarding throw at the 1995 Groundwork celebration. The present included Ghoti Area (before they approved with Tooth & Nail), and the visitors included Alex Parker of Increasing Nasty Details. Although the present was imagined to be turn down by Tim Mandell of Crashdog and Ballydowse, it wasn't; The class functions some of their beginning great success to the fact that they were naturally to play and Five Material come back the next period provided by a record model.
iron frenzy

In May Culp and Leanor Ortega previously become a associate of, completing the very first range. The organizations exclusive objective was to remain community, and they begun out for functions such as the Fantastic Fantastic Bosstones, Less Than Robert, and Skankin' Pickle, making the most of over 60 explains during their first eight weeks. Though many of these explains were accomplished in frequent locations, a lot were also accomplished in church buildings and at Christian-sponsored activities, such as the 1996 Groundwork Celebration on the Alarma Details degree. They fast paced several functions from major Spiritual record companies such as Alarma, Tooth & Pull Details, and Talk about Developers Around the world before getting your unique on to Genuine Tate's 5 Tiny Go Details in May.

"My exclusive objective for Five Material was just to be a great community class... I don't think any of us saw this coming."
?Reese Roper on the the group's great success.
Their first job, Upbeats and Beatdowns was famous in July and at first presented in We have seen 1996. Its national generate in May, 1997 founded an beginning great success for Five Material, as the release actually actually peaked at 39 on Symptoms "Top Present Christian" information. By use of the release of their second job, Upbeats had provided 50,000 designs. The audio training training video for "A Fancy Song" acquired a Dove Reward nomination in the "short kind video" distinction. That period was usually used on the route, and the class accomplished 150 explains. Swiftly, the class was effective to advertise community causes. Their track "Where the Zero Pays the Fifteen", which introduced desire to the cause of being unsettled, acquired some music airplay. That September the class commenced on the "Rock Your Footwear Off" holiday, for which everyone was expected to have apparent shoes for present to community unsettled functions.
iron frenzy

In We have seen 1997 the class presented their second job, Our Newest Job Ever!. Following the great success of their first job, the class thought that their great success had been based at least in some evaluate on the thrid tendency of ska in frequent. According to Scott Kerr "The disappointed actuality is that great audio and great remain measures have far less to do with our so-called great success than our being a piece of the 'flavor-of-the-month'." Five Material Chaos preferred to range themselves from the ska planet while maintaining their encouraged stability. Dennis Culp made their objective, disclosing that "The Police used a lot of ska, but they really weren't known as a ska class... they went far beyond ska." For Five Material, the method of attaining that objective was the resourceful process. On the first three let us out Roper designed most of the thoughts and Kerr provided the musical technologies technology part. After Kerr staying, the class commenced to analyze a increased selection of musical technologies technology impacts, such as different impacts such as Latina and move audio. Roper prolonged to generate the thoughts, a process that he took seriously. He informed 7ball in 1997 that "It's not like we try to sit down and generate mad audio. I take songwriting really seriously... I've been given this level. I have a obligation to tell the fact about things."
iron frenzy
"We don't are imagined to be just in the Spiritual market, saying to the choir. I think we definitely have a call to arrive at the missing, to persons that don't know about God..."
?Andrew Verdecchio on the group's objective.
Their most major holiday in 1998 was the Ska Against Disposition holiday, which improved desire of and revenue for anti-racism causes. Five Material was the only actually Spiritual class on the holiday, yet in frequent style refrained from using their set as a application to preach to the viewers. Later that period, they commenced on the national SkaMania holiday with The Insyderz and The OC Supertones. Five Material found this holiday was substantially different for the class with regards to important both the visitors and their tourmates due to the fact that both of the other engaging organizations were Spiritual organizations. In 1998, songwriter and guide artisan Scott Kerr staying the class on pleasant words and commenced his own job, Yellow-colored Second. Kerr's staying actual appearance and the actual appearance of changing Sonnie Johnston (of Jeffries Fan Club) occured at the job generate celebration for the group's first EP, Amount is Job 1, on We have seen 3, 1998 at the Aztlan Film in Co.

They arrive at the top of their acceptance around 2000, with the release of All The Offering That Money Can Buy. With the release of Offering, the class prolonged to modify up their audio, such as calypso, salsa, and reggae. Musically Offering ended up being their most an assortment of job. The class major around the planet throughout 2000. Mid summer weeks the class major in Southern The africa place, and in We have seen they accomplished in Europe. By use of the release of their next job, the class had provided over a final half-million selections worldwide.

Culp's musical technologies technology route became noticeable, although the design challenges were deliver somewhat amongst class persons. Generation and technology for every job was led by Masaki "Saki" Liu at his One Way Business. With the release of Five Material Chaos 2: Power Boogaloo, FIF's audio leaned more towards horn-tinged hard diamond than ska, although all of the exclusive horns were still finish. According to Keith Horeg: "It's a diamond record with horns, in the difficult problematic vein of Chicago, illinois, il and the Going Diamonds, who have horns all over their information." 2001 noticeable a degree for the class as their record plan with Five Tiny Go ran out, developing questions that the class would bust up. For some time they thought to be getting your unique on with a major model, but they encouraged to finish off their job with 5 Tiny Go.

In later 2001 the class commenced on the "Electric Youth" holiday with Relient K, Bob Reuben, and Ace Troubleshooter. On this holiday again the visitors was expected to have shoes for present to community unsettled functions, and to make them into sock puppets for visitors effect. On this holiday the visitors using about 1,200 per night, developing what was known as the "worlds most major sock puppet choir." Footwear were also thought to be therefore in a "Sock Puppet Pageant" of variations, with awards given in various sessions. The tour's name is a honour to Darlene Gibson, who designed an job by the same name.

"We encouraged to do this rather than just depart immediately, because we desired to say thank you to our fans and say so long as well."
?Keith Hoerig on the organizations staying period.
In beginning 2003 Five Material reported their nearing divided via their web site. They particular their staying period to their fans, making the most of at many major Spiritual audio events and creating Dairy products...(of Nazareth), a selection of story audio and B-sides, and their staying business job, The End Is Near. After making apparent that instead of "breaking up" they were "quitting," they commenced on a national holiday named the "Winners Never Give up Tour" with Reduce, Holland, and Cameron Jaymes. They accomplished their staying present on We have seen 22, 2003 at the Fillmore Audience in Co, Co. This present had an work of over 3,600 persons and was significantly presented in 2004 as the improve generate set The End Is Here.


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