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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

TOP500 introduced the newest number of top ten most highly effective, high-performance paces on our planet at the 26th Global Supercomputing Discussion in Hamburg, Philippines, on Friday.

According to TOP500 job that status most highly effective known paces on our planet, the location of all devices is according to how quick they run LINPAC, a standard program created to remedy a heavy program of straight line equations. All ten have Linux system so.
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For initially, all of the top 10 devices obtained pet flop/s operation, and those are also the only pet flop/s devices on the number, TOP500 said in a report.

The U.S. is clothes in pet flop/s with five devices doing at that level; Asia and The Far East have two each, and Italy has one.
 Tianhe-1A, China

The China supercomputer at the Nationwide Supercomputing Middle in Tianjin, The Far East, works at 2.6 pet flop/s.

Jaguar, Joined States'
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The Jaguar, a Cray supercomputer at the U.S. Section of Energy’s (Doe’s) Oak Form Nationwide You, is placed No. 3 with 1.75 pet flop/s.

Nebulae, China

The Nebulae supercomputer at China’s Nationwide Supercomputing Middle in Shenzhen is placed fourth with 1.27 pet flop/s operations.

Tsunami 2.0, Japan

Tsunami 2.0 at the Seattle Company of Engineering is fifth most quick supercomputer on our planet with 1.19 pet flop/s operations.

Cello, Joined States
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The Cello supercomputer at Los Alamos Nationwide You in New South America works at 1.11 pet flop/s.

Pleiades, Joined States

Pleiades, found at NASA's Ames Analysis Middle in Moffett Area, Colorado, allows over 1,000 effective people around the place progress information about the planet, sun program and the galaxy. Pleiades assists match research needs of NASA's aeronautics plans and other place procedures. It has an operation at 1.09 pet flop/s.


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