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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Because Islam is a complete way of way of lifestyle. It reveals man about the purpose of his technology and lifestyle, his best good results, his location among other creatures and furthermore, it provides him with assistance to manual a properly nicely balanced and purposeful way of lifestyle which will let him to prevent the Hell-fire and be accepted with a location in Heaven in the way of lifestyle after driving. Merely Islam is to "Obey Allah" (Allah is the Name of the Only One Actual God). Islam is an action-word in Persia (a doing word). The one who does Islam is known as an Islamic. (Allah phoning us "Muslims" in His Discussion of Qur’an).
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 fastest spreading religion
fastest growing religion world

The Persia appearance Islam indicates non-reflex submit to the will of Allah and habits to His needs. Allah is a Persia appearance, the appropriate name of God. Muslims want to use Allah rather than God. [TOP]

A particular people who quickly and specially requires the Islamic way of way of lifestyle and truly techniques it is known as an Islamic. An Islamic (the one who does Islam) remembers:
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*TO SURRENDER (to stop himself/herself to ALLAH the Almighty)

*TO BE IN SUBMISSION (happily submit his/her own will to Allah’s Will)

*TO OBEY ALLAAH (understand Qur’an and Sunni and he techniques it in action)

*TO DO ALL OF ABOVE, ONLY FOR SAKE OF ALLAAH (not to impress/show off)

*THE RESULT IS PEACE in lifestyle way of lifestyle & Tough PARADISE, by Wish of Allah.

islam fastest growing religion world

Therefore a Islamic cannot be truly a Islamic "by birth" in a Islamic family or location or tribe; rather after seeking material and understanding of the Qur’an & Sunni and following Allah on Allah’s Circumstances, then only one can say that "I am obedient washing of Allah" (i.e. I am a Muslim).

We may know that Islam is the only Way to Tranquility & Heaven... But unless we acquire up our mind to obey Allah in ACTION, Allah may not take it from us, May Allah Prevent.


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