World Atlas 2011

Monday, 24 October 2011

 World Atlas 2011
From beautiful satellite TV pictures of every country to precise options of the best places, mapped out by Bartholomew— without a question one of the most well-known and well known business applying organizations on the earth.
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Balanced coverage of all areas on the planet, respected details, and vibrant charts enhance your chance to learn. With the benefits of satellite TV image, laser size, and other modern and genuine applying techniques, Encyclopedia Britannica is excited to bring you a current extensive atlas of our planet.

Offers are only available to individual people and are not appropriate for school, selection, or resell expenses.
Format: Hardcover
Volumes: One Volume
Pages: 432
Size: 10 5/8" W x 14 1/8" H

The Britannica Atlas functions magnificent Bartholomew charts. Bartholomew is, without question, one of the most well-known and well known business applying organizations on the earth. Over the long time its most popular products have been the old "half-inch" map series. Bartholomew has been in the business of map development for over 175 a long time and has a around the world status for providing an excellent custom and digital applying services.
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Key Features:
254 websites of applying, with completely up-to-date guide charts, include details at a large.
A starting area, The Community Today, includes Physical Reviews, Explants, Earthquakes and Volcanoes, Climate, Plants, Population and Cities, and Energy.
The charts are arranged by continent: European countries, The African continent, North America, South North America, Japan, Oceania, and Antarctica. Each less area of charts is presented by a beautiful satellite TV image.
The substantial List has over 130,000 place name items from the guide charts. Cross-referencing to alternative and former names is also possible.
32 precise options of the best places are provided.
The index is also associated with a guide of geographical terms.


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