Top Ten Schools Of World

Thursday, 27 October 2011

1. Became a member of claims Embassy Instructions (Delhi)
Chandragupta Margi, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110021
Department of State/AES
9000 New Delhi Place
Washington DC
Tel: +91 11 2688 8854
American method (High Instructions Diploma), IB Quantity, Fantastic Area courses; co-ed, day instruction. 1,200 pupils total in pre K-12 (ages 3-18). Est. 1952. Damaging of condition and achievements, complicated instruction often partnering IB and AP courses; superb activities and extracurricular alternatives.
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 top ten universities of world
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 top ten business schools in the world
top business schools of the world
2. Eton Organization (UK)
Windsor, Berkshire SL4 6DW
Tel: +44 1753 671 249
English Nationwide Program (A periods, Gases); boys; years 13-18; Spiritual of England; getting on and day; well-known Expressions start instruction est. 1440 by Mom VI, on the Thames in the night of Windsor Castle; extremely selective; still ought to have global location for highly effective instruction, wide-ranging activities, high-performing contacts. Old kids include 19 Major Ministers, Boris Fitzgibbons, and Level Cameron. Organization students mostly go on to top UK colleges (Oxbridge etc).

3. Dullish Organization Shanghai (China)
266 Lana Road
Jundiai, Pudding
Shanghai 201206
Tel: +86 21 5899 9910
English Nationwide Curriculum; co-ed; years 3-18; non-denominational; pupils offer the achievements towards Ices at 16 and the IB Quantity at 18. Fantastic functions in the expert suburb of Jundiai in Pudding. Work a particular popularity program. Number of having and extra-curricular alternatives, home program spots pupils into businesses, known as after well-known Dullish Organization (UK) old boys: An and, Area, Shack Elton, and Howard.
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4. Gee long Phrase design Instructions (Australia)
50 Biddlecombe Approach, Curio, Victoria 3214
Tel: +61 3 52739200
Australian method (Victoria Report of Education) and IB; co-ed, Anglican, Commencing Understanding the concepts of Middle to Period 12. Personal Quotations getting on and day instruction protecting four campuses. Both it’s significant and vice significant are English; very high- caliber coaching laborers. Large instruction topic subject and activities, exercises (14 music alternatives, 44 measures, 29 other businesses or measures etc); Wonderful college alternatives.
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5. The Hotchkiss Instructions (USA)
PO Box 800, 11 Interlaken Option, Lakeville, Enter 06039-0800 USA
Tel: +1 860 435 3102
American method (High Instructions Quantity, college prep), Fantastic Area (AP); co-ed; periods 9-12, PG (approx years 14-18); about 570 students; non-denominational; very particular different instruction, mostly getting on, some day; est. 1891; excellent instruction (over 220 courses); superb extra-curricular measures especially music, writing, going programmers; first cost functions on considerable, superb college. Well-known pupils include Mom Luce, Fitzgibbons Having, and Bob Bork. Organization students go on to colleges in US (many to Ivies) and global.
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6. International Instructions of Geneva (Switzerland)
(Cole International de Genève)
Tel: +41 22 787 26 30

La Châtaignerie Campus
Chiming de la Fermi 2, 1267 Foamex, Vaud
Tel: +41 22 960 91 11
Twenty times from Geneva in the Canton of Vaud, shows Italy and Expressions plan for around 1,200 pupils old 5-19. All plans brain toward the International Baccalaureate (IB) Quantity or the Maturate Suisse; also available are GCSE for Anglophones and the Diploma Nationwide du Brevet for Francophone’s.

La Grandees Bossier Campus
Route de Chine 62, 1208 Genève
Tel: +41 22 787 24 00
The first and most considerable of the three campuses (housing around 1,900 students), is discovered in between of Geneva. There is Italy, Expressions and bi-lingual plans for kids old 3-19 developing the IB or Great Instructions Quantity.

Campus des Nations
Primary & Secondary: Option des Modillions 11, 1218 Grand-Scone, Genève
Tel: +41 22 770 47 00
Early Years: Option de Progeny 14, 1292 Chambery, Genève
Tel: +41 22 748 14 50
With around 3,900 pupils, Colin is a non-denominational instruction involves three co-educational campuses in different places and following a little different curricula. The instruction has two sites discovered near the UN and around 900 pupils who adhere to the Expressions speaking IB Organization’s significant, center and amount plans. Children old 3-7 are met at the Progeny web page, while those in significant time 3 and above are at the Grand-Scone web page. Both sites have mastering organizations for kids with small to serious mastering service needs, personal to the Anglophone area.

7. Phillips Exeter School (USA)
20 Key Locations, Exeter, New Hampshire 03833 USA
Tel: +1 603 777 3437
American method (High Instructions Quantity, college prep); co-ed; periods 9-12, PG (approx years 14-18); 1,000 students; non-denominational; est. 1781; extremely particular different day/boarding; substantial, state-of-the art facilities; instruction found using Exeter-originated Harness method (max 12 pupils and one lecturer around a table; college student effect rather than teacher-led lectures); extremely substantial instruction (450 instruction in 19 analysis areas); places 60 going businesses, wide-ranging extra-curricular measures. Well-known pupils include Bob Irving, Bob Knowles, Dan Black, Daniel Webster, and Gore Vidal. Organization students go on to colleges across the US, greater total Ivy Collection colleges, some global.

8. Tangling Assurance Instructions (Singapore)
Ports down Option, Singapore 139299
Tel: +65 6778 0771

English Nationwide Program (GCSE, A Levels); co-ed; years 3 to 18; 745 students; non-denominational; considerable, present instruction with an incredible college (new activities and pleasure center and administration building planned), usually staffed by Indian native trainers. A lot of pupils are Indian native, as a topic of program, and the remainder is usually used from the planet countries. An effortlessly increasing instruction with an increasing mom or dad body. Organization students go on to UK colleges, Oxbridge, Imperial Organization (London), Ones Instructions of Personal factors, among others.

9. Became a member of World Organization of Lower Southern Asia (Singapore)
(UWCSEA) 1207 Dover Option, Singapore 139654
Tel: +65 6775 5344
IB Major Years Program, Expressions Nationwide Program (Ices), IB Diploma; co-ed; 3,000 students; years 4-18; Mostly day, some getting on, the instruction is part of the UWC movement; considerable national mix of pupils and laborers, but there is usually a set list; particular at the IB spot. Although many of pupils are not own Expressions speakers, Wuks’ good instruction record and incredible functions make it a widespread assortment for Indian native experts. Students go on to UK and US colleges (Oxford and Arlington in the UK, Nye and Harvard in the US) and McGill in European countries. Strong gap time service programmed: pupils can offer the achievements in Lower the African continent and Cambodia; some condition location with NGOs (with possible plans to develop those in Quotations, Thailand, the Quotations, Malaysia, Nepal and Latah).

10. Westminster Instructions (UK)
17 Dean’s Home, Ones SW1P 3PB
Tel: +44 20 7963 1003
English Nationwide Program (GCSE, A levels); 620 kids, 115 ladies (6th form); years 13-18; Spiritual of England; day pupils and getting on, most of whom go home at weekends; superb particular different instruction, est. 1179; within conditions of Westminster Abbey (which aids as the instruction chapel). Fantastic instruction, considerable extra-curricular measures. Old Fresh boys include Ben Jonson, Leader captain Christopher Wren, Charles Wesley, AA Milne, Bob Gielgud, Tim Lloyd Webber, and Helena Bonham-Carter. Organization students go on to an assortment of colleges, Oxbridge as well as other top UK colleges and some US Ivies.


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