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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Hollywood actors like demigods in India. They have millions of fans and many people in India consider Hollywood like religion. Here I have a list of the ten greatest actors of Hollywood. They are acting now. I concentrated mainly on the popularity. They are the main actors in Hollywood at the moment.
Amitabh Bachchan
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Son of the famous poet Harridans Ray Bacchant and Teri Bacchant. He has a brother named Aintab. He studied in Uttar Pradesh and moved to Bombay in search of work as a movie star, in vain, however, that the filmmakers loved one with fair skin, and it was not very fair. But they have one of your other assets ...
"This is an Indian actor and producer. He has won the first time in popularity in the 1970s that the" angry young man "of Hollywood cinema, and has since become one of the most prominent figures in the history of Indian cinema.
Bacchant has won numerous awards in his career, including four National Film Awards; including three in the category Best Actor Film fare Awards and thirteen. He has the record for the greatest number of Best Actor and Best Actor nominations at the Film fare Awards. Aside from acting, Bachchan has a playback singer, film producer and television presenter and has worked to the Parliament of India from 1984 to 1987 selected.
Dilip Kumar
Deli Kumar is regarded as one of the finest actors of Indian cinema considered. Began his career in 1944, played in some of the most successful commercial films of the 1940s, 1950, 1960 and 1980. His performances have to convey as the personification of emotions in Indian cinema was considered. It ...
"He began his career in 1944, has played Kumar in films from 1940, 1950, 1960 and 1980. It was the first actor, an award for Film fare Best Actor handholds the record for the largest number of Film fare Awards won in this category to obtain. he appeared in a variety of functions such as romanticAndaz (1949), the swashbuckling Ana (1952), the dramatic Divas (1955),the comic Assad (1955), the romantic story of Munhall E Adam (1960)Gaga Yamuna and social (1961). In 1976, Kumar, a break of five appearances in the film. In 1981 he returned with a character role in the filmKranti and continued his career playing character roles in films such Ashanti (1982), Karma (1986) and Saud agar (1991) his last film was Lila in 1998. The Indian government awarded him the Parma Bhutan in 1991Dadasaheb Pale Award in 1994 for his contribution to Indian cinema.
Shahrukh Khan
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This child was born, Delhi Path an originally ruled Indian cinema afterAmitabh Bacchant. Also known as "King Khan" Shark started his careers an actor in TV series. His first movie, DeWine was published in 1992.In this film he played the character of an obsessive love. The film actressDivya Bhatia’s most popular Hindi film after was a huge success. In his upcoming films Bazaar, Darer, he stuck to the same kind of character and the films were very successful also. In 1995, Shark appeared in DilwaleDulhania Le Jayne, a movie produced by Ash Chopra. The film generated a huge wave across India. After films like Dill to Papal Hay, Cachucha Hot Hay, Mohabbatein, Kathy Kyushu Kathie Guam, Kale Ho Ana Ho and Veer Zahra Main Hon. Na Shark has become one of the most successful actors in Hollywood....
Hrithik Roshan
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This third generation actor from "Rosh a" family is said to be the most promising actor in Hollywood today. His father Rakish Rosh an is an actor and director. Rhythmic Uncle Rajesh Rosh an, is a musical director. As a family film, Rhythmic had to fight hard not to get into the movies. He began his acting career in 2000. It is one of the lucky few actors who tasted success with his first film. Kahlo Ana Par Hay was the biggest hit of 2000. For his performance in this movie, the Film fare Best Debut Award and FilmfareAwards won for Best Actor in 2000. His next two films were not successfulFiza and Mission Kashmir. Until 2003, the film Rhythmic was not very good.Yaadein, Na Tom Jana Na Hum, Mooches Dusty Kasogi! He did very well at the box office. After two years, returned to success with Koki Mil Gaya. However, 2006 was the luckiest year for Rhythmic. His latest release Dhoom: 2 was a big deal.
Aamir Khan
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Aimer Khan was born in 14th March 1965 at Holy Family Hospital in Bandar; Mumbai, India was in a conservative Muslim family, which is part of the Indian film industry for a long time. Aimer for the first time on screen as a child artist in the production of his uncle Nassir Husain Yeadon Kid Bearcat (1973), it was not really a part does not blink and miss appearance in the movie theme song. ..
"Mr. Perfectionist. Hindi film Midas. One by one, the critically acclaimed and commercially films under his belt. Movies like Rang De Besant, TaraZameen Par, Gain, three idiots. His film Lagan was one of the five nominations for the best Foreign Language film. It also has the best director for the film Tare Amen par with the actor.
Salman Khan
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He is known as the "bad boy of Hollywood". Selman Khan is a character hated by many and loved by many. He often hit the headlines for getting into trouble. However, it is one of the best actors and talent in Hollywood. It was he who began the trend of the fitness of the players. Born to Salem Khan, a famous writer, has his first film Biwa Ho Selman AISI 1988th in this film he played a supporting role. His big break came in 1989. Maine Par Kiya, produced by Rasher Productions was one of the most successful films in Hindi. It was the first movie of Selman as the main character. For his performance in Maine Par Keya, received the award for best debut filtrate. In 1994, Hum Ape Hay Karun again with Rasher Productions and this movie was a block buster. Hum Ape Hay Karun is one of the. Hollywood’s most successful films of all time to some of his most successful films are: Saajan, Sanlam Bezwada, Karin Argon, Par Keya to Darn Keya and Hum Dilled Chuck Sanlam.
John Abraham
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He is the idol of hundreds of women in India. This “typical MumbaiyaChokri” Hollywood actor was born a Tamil father and Persia mother. Dedicated in his school, John was there, sport. He was the captain of his football team. There was also a good athlete. After finishing his MMS from Mumbai Educational Trust, Abraham took the job of a media planner. His luck after winning the Glad rags Manhunt Contest changed. By winning this competition, which began her modeling career. His first campaign wasCinthol. It was also the first Asian model of Levis jeans. In 2003 he received a call from Mahesh Bhatt, the famous director. His daughter Poona Bhatt to make the film was one, and John was chosen to play the male lead. So John the opportunity to work in film and took Jims came in 2003. The film was a success and John has attracted the attention of the audience. Up here, John has not many successful films under his name, but his acting skills, he added to his appearance and fitness have become a major actor in Hollywood today.
Ajay Devgan
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He made his debut with Pool Aura Kanata in 1991 and received a FilmfareAward for the Best Man for his first role in the film. Later she starred in films like Jigger (1992), Dilate (1994), Shag (1994), Nagoya (1995), Dilate (1996) and ICQ (1997).
In 1999, Divan was awarded his first National Film Award for Best Actor for his performance in the drama of Mahesh Bhatt's Zach. Some of his later films of the decade includes par to hone Hi than Sanlam Hum Dill Dacha and cachucha Damage.
In the 2000s, his work has included Raja (2001) and Company (2002). In 2003, won his second National Film Award for Best Actor for his portrayal ofBhagat Singh biopic of Arkoma Santos the Legend of Braga Singh. Some of their successes are waterproof (2004), Yuma (2004) and Omar(2006), Global (2006), Global Returns (2008),''the best: The fun begins(2009) In 2008 he ventured into the direction and U, Me Aura Hum, which led the star in the lead role opposite his actress wife Karol.
Sanjay Dutt

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Because they share the same fate, Selman and Sanjay are very good friends. Son of the legendary actors Sunil Dot and Margi’s, Sanjay Dot had all but misfortune always hunted. If Selman is the "bad boy of Bollywood"Sanjay Dot, the "bad boy home of Hollywood." Is But for some reason, if I have a great love and support of the people. Sanjay Dot started his film career in 1981. His first film Rocky was a success, but not much help. Later films like Vichada, Noam, Kabana, Hahira, Sadat and Sagan Sanjayestablished as a star. However, his most successful film in KhalnayakSubhash Ghazi.

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Born in Vicar is Maharashtra, Gavin Arum Abuja, popularly known asGovinda? Born into a middle class family, Covina joined film in late 1980.His first film, Liam was published in 1986. Covina initially focused more on their dancing skills and has a dance-actor. His first success came in 1988. Haitian film, directed by his brother Kristi Kumar, was a big success and Covina came spotlight. Covina then worked with David Dhawan.Raja Babur, Coolie No. 1, Sagan Chile Sacral, Hero No. 1, DeewanaMastana, Mayan Chute Mayan bathing, Hasten Man Jaeger: This couple has done a lot of successful films. In 2000, he has a negative role in the movie Shaker with Charisma Kapok and Taboo, but this movie was not very successful. Until now, Covina has done over 120 Hindi films. In 2004, Govinda joined politics.
Saif Ali Khan
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Safi is the son of Hollywood actress, Carmela Tagore, and Indian cricket, Mansoor Ali Khan. His grandfather, Iftikhar Ali Khan Pat Audi, and his father were professional cricket. Her mother, Carmela Tagore, an actress in it, is the niece of Rabindranath Tagore recognized ...
"They made their debut in 1992 with Paramaribo. He had his first big success with the Chiliad Too Atari Main Movie Yen Tillage and 1994. After passing through several years of decline in the 1990s rose to prominence with his performance in Dill Hay Chatham (2001), which marks the point of turning pro. Her performance in Kale Ho Ana Ho Nikhil Adjani (2003) hewn the Film fare best supporting actor, and won the National Film Award for Best Actor for his performance in Hum Tom (2004). he then had commercial success with films like Salaam Lambaste (2005), Race (2008) and Love Ajar Kale (2009), and participated in projects such as the acclaimed Parietal (2005) and Omar (2006). This success brought him the most successful players in the industry. Since 2009, Khan diversified into the production of the film. He is the founder and owner of the film production company Illuminati.
Emraan Hashmi
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People call him Merman Kiss Me! Or serial kisser! Like the people to change their names no matter Merman has already proved its worth as an actor in the situation. Free path for his first feature film was released in 2003. The film was not well at the box office. After the walk, he was murdered in 2004. In this film, appeared on the scene many kisses with her co-star, Millikan Shearwater. The film was a success and has Hisami andMallika into Hollywood stars. Although Hisami did a lot of kisses, but that does not mean he had no acting skills. Dill Dina Hay in films such as, the murderers, gangsters, Akbar, Jawing Diane: A youth travel, Chocolate: Deep Dark Secrets, Kaluga, Akashi Banana Duos, Sheer, Tums NahinDekha, Murder Merman proved his acting talent.


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