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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Community Used Sciences Journal

Title (short) Community Appl. Sci. J.
Title (abbrev) WASJ
Languages English
First year 2006

ISI Web of Knowledge; CABI; CSA; FSTA; DOAJ; e-journals Database; IndexCopernicus
Science, Multidisciplinary
world journal of applied sciences

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world applied science journal

World Used Sciences Document (WASJ) is an foreign medical journal publicized by the foreign electric firm for medical details (IDOSI). The aim of Community Used Sciences Document is to submit content in scientific sciences, biodiversity, medical, medical sciences, pet and professional sciences, farming sciences, biochemistry, environment sciences, science, numbers and research, geology, technological innovation, pc technologies, public sciences and it. The journal challenges unique documents, assessment content, specialized reviews and shorter emails containing new information into any element of applied sciences that are not publicized or not being regarded as for distribution elsewhere. The distribution of presented manuscripts is topic to look assessment and both common and specialized factors of the presented paper are researched before distribution. Experts are recommended to advocate several possible writers who are acquainted with the specialized element of their paper.
 Community Used Sciences Journal
:: Dr. Grasim Najafpour, Iran
:: Dr. Side Tausig Mahmud-Din, Pakistan
:: Dr. Kamaruzaman Josef, Malaysia
:: Dr. Wahid Mohamed Ahmed, The red sea

   Assoc. Editors-in-Chief

:: Dr. Muhammad Aram, Pakistan
:: Dr. Muhammad Asia Gondar, Pakistan
:: Dr. Hajji Mohammad Takalloozadeh, Iran
:: Dr. Wan Ramble Bin Wan Dud, Malaysia
:: Dr. Hammed S. Al-Dour, Jordan
:: Dr. Hajji Mustafa bin Mamet, Malaysia
:: Dr. Assam Ablate, Egypt

   Content Panel Members

:: Dr. Bichat Ram Devrajani, Pakistan
:: Dr. Nairobi Silas Ouzo, Nigeria
:: Dr. Jacinta Agbarachi Opera, Spain
:: Dr. Seiko Slue Erecting, Chicken
:: Dr. Bandar Alma Irbil, India
:: Dr. Passim H. Hammed, Malaysia
:: Dr. Mortise Kohlrabi, Iran
:: Dr. S. Mansur Vesper, Iran
:: Dr. Abdul Ahab Mohammad, Malaysia
:: Dr. Humid Hassan pour, Iran
:: Dr. Othman Moran Halifax, Malaysia
:: Dr. Abu-Bakr M. Aliasing, Libya

   Foreign Advisory Panel Members

:: Dr. Ahmad Pad Mat Some, Malaysia
:: Prof. Tang Chon Sinew, Malaysia
:: Dr. Magi A. M. Youngish, Egypt
:: Dr. Nihau Wilma Augur, Turkey
 : Dr. Nader Ghoul Churchly, Iran
:: Dr. Ali Camel Khalafalla, Egypt
:: Dr. Maid Haghparast, Iran
:: Dr. Ahmed Adel-Fattah, KSA
:: Mr. Mortise Bagherpour, Iran
:: Dr. Neal El-Mousy, Egypt
 : Dr. Mohammed Tale Afloat, Canada

   Management Dealing with Manager


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