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Thursday, 1 December 2011

The success was going to exhibit just how far these Seahawks have come in their second period under instructor Pete Carroll.

The Seahawks led by 10 factors with 12 mines to have fun with, a fresh group prepared to exhibit it was returning of age against Way.

Instead, Washington revealed just how far it has to go. An activity title that started with the Seahawks getting concern with Washington's gamers stomping on their logo at midfield completed Washington quitting itself over a 23-17 reduction.
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"We can't let video game titles like this move away," fullback Erin Johnson said. "That's another feature of a fresh group. It's about time we begin increasing up."

There will be a lot of individuals who think way after Sunday's activity at Century Link Area. The Seahawks decreased goes, dedicated nine fees and penalty charges and provided up 16 factors in one more 10 mines. The fall price Washington its opportunity to win a third sequential regular-season activity for initially in four decades.

The security that has been this crew's unique provided up two touchdowns in the period of 3 mines, 33 mere a few moments in it all fraction, assisting Way end its greatest skid in 13 decades.

"To have an activity in our palms and have it just move away, it damages," cornerback Roy Lewis said. "But we're the ones responsible. It goes again to, it's all about us."

Running again Marsh awn Lynch was even more helpful. Requested for his respond to the reduction, Lynch provided a one-word expletive.

"That's all I've got to say," he said. "I you are for holding it shorter."

Lynch was again Seattle's utility vehicle. He obtained on a 20-yard landing get in the first 50 % and completed more than 100 gardens flowing for the third period in four video game titles. He maintained four moments during an 88-yard landing goal that started in the third fraction and completed Wonderful Tate's 15-yard landing get with 12:45 to have fun with. The generate was Seattle's greatest of the season, and it put the Seahawks forward 17-7.

"We did it in exactly the method we've been trying to beat away at," Carroll said.

That method includes replicated amounts of Lynch, and depending on a big-bodied security that's competent of status in the ditches and buying and selling hits for 60 mines.

But now, Way arrived a few uppercuts.

First, managing again Roy Hello jumped up and over Seahawks cornerback Roy Lewis on a 28-yard landing run. On the next control, with Way experiencing third-and-19, Rex Grossman used a 50-yard landing complete to Anthony Remedy.

"We put in there," Carroll said. "We got forward, we did all of the elements that we desired to do. And then we didn't complete it. That's what occurred."

There was nothing simple about Washington's motives for Washington.
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That was distinct before Sunday's activity when there was a conflict before the money throw, which led to Seattle's Johnson and Way cornerback Dingell Area having to be controlled. It was apparent when Way loaded eight defenders at the series of scrimmage with Washington looking by three factors and experiencing 4th down with the sport on the series.

The Seahawks just couldn't quit Way. Not in it all fraction when they gave up that 10-point guide, and certainly not on that fourth-down overwhelm that completed be Tavares Fitzgibbons on the outdoor patio.

The same could be said for the Seahawks, a fresh group that believes its old enough to know better.

"This far down the period, you have enough practical knowledge to see what it requires to win video game titles," protection Kim Chancellor said. "I type of put the 'young' element out the screen."


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